Day 2 Miss International Concentration


Hello to everyone today has been a very busy and funny day. We visited 2 important malls in Tokyo, a very surprising Book Store and a delicious typical japanese bakery. Let´s start with pictures and information!!

We first went to Tsutaya Books, an amazing two floors store with all kinds and types of books, magazines; antiques, modern, DVD´s… About: Photography, arts, decoration, design, motor….. and so on…. In both floors you can have a drink while you take a look or read. The actual book store is very warm in sense of decoration, everything made in wood and very minimalistic.


 In my day outfit, I would like to thank to The 2nd Skin Co brand for letting me the green lovely jacket






Next visit was to Tokyu Hands where I discovered new very cute and original things that you can just find in Japan and I bought and specific «sock»( let´s say), to relax my feet while I am sleeping. These days we are going to be walking a lot and with high heels, we must protect our feet!!






Then we had a break to have lunch and later we went to one of my favorites places in Shibuya, 109 Mall!! You can find so many modern and stylist clothes, shoes, bags…. my paradise hahahaha

 109 luz

The last visit of the day was to Kimuraya bakery in Ginza neighborhood, first time I tried japanese typical sweets with red beans… was a bit strange, no I just can´t stop eating them 🙂 Just 3 girls and me could enter the shop and take a look, the street was crowded and the shop not very big. The owner was so nice  and gave us 4 big bags with their typical sweets to share with all the contestants. I had a very nice supper.



For finishing the day we had the Welcome Party and Dinner at Ms. Shimomura house (new boss of Miss International), apart from all the girls more people was invited, we had a really nice time there and we could enjoy japanese traditional food, It was more than delicious!!!



I would like to thank Cristina Piña, the designer of the super elegant cocktail dress I wore tonight,for letting it to me. Important detail,  I wasn´t wearing the shoes you see in the photo, but sine we were in a japanese house and taking part of a japanese party, we had to take of our heels! (I love it)

Take care, I will continue updating you tomorrow!!

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